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Spetsnaz Security International Limited offers unmatched customer services, competitive pricing and top quality technical CCTV support and solutions in London, The UK, Worldwide. Spetsnaz Security International Limited provides Remarkable Surveillance Systems for large to small facilities for government, business, and private properties and specializes in custom designed Security Camera Systems and access Control Systems Solutions for single / multiple locations, local and / or remote video surveillance, and covert or mobile video surveillance needs in London, The UK, Worldwide. Spetsnaz Security International Limited is your #1 choice for Video Surveillance Systems, Security Cameras and all other Security Products security camera installation in London, The UK, Worldwide
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Our Services:

  • CCTV Planning and Layout Services in London, The United Kingdom Or Worldwide
  • Remote Video Surveillance Services in London, The United Kingdom Or Worldwide
  • Smart Home Integration Services in London, The United Kingdom Or Worldwide
  • Security gates Services in London, The United Kingdom Or Worldwide
  • Remote Office Monitoring Services in London, The United Kingdom Or Worldwide
  • Loss Prevention Application Services in London, The United Kingdom Or Worldwide
  • Door access Services in London, The United Kingdom Or Worldwide
  • Intercom system Services in London, The United Kingdom Or Worldwide
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We are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and are committed to providing quick dispatch and top quality security guard services that are fast and reliable. We set the standard when it comes to quality event and business security services. From our professional dispatchers to our highly motivated security guards, you will always be greeted with professionalism and care in London, The UK, Worldwide.

Manned guarding is expensive. Security Service Providers and Facility Managers are looking for more cost effective and efficient ways to protect remote sites and premises. Construction sites further challenge Security Installers with the absence of required power sources and communication lines. Often the surveillance project is only of a temporary kind and a portable CCTV System that is easily set up, dismantled and easy to move is of advantage.

Some common problems that need to be mastered include:

  • No Broadband available on site
  • Sometimes no Mains Power available 24/7

The Solution: 3G IP CCTV Camera Systems from Spetsnaz Security International Ltd.

  • No Land line / Broadband is required. 3G Wireless Broadband will initialize at the push of a button.
  • All mobile units (if more than one is leased/hired) can be gathered into one central monitoring point (any WWW connected PC - Software provided by Spetsnaz Security International Ltd.)
  • Electricity can be supplied via our Noncrystalline Solar Panel and Battery Systems
  • For the Live-View a lower resolution or frame rate (actual images per second) can be configured - while the local system records Megapixel High Definition footage up to real-time. This way 3G can offer both - an instant live overview on what is happening on site, and well as the option of downloading the high quality stream (remotely - without the need of going to site) for evidence evaluation and prosecution assistance.

The up to thirty(!) times higher video resolution of our Megapixel CCTV solution allows Digital PTZ control within the captured High Definition Video.

3g Wireless Transmission System - To use with your own existing cameras, systems or sites

3G wireless CCTV Transmission System

Spetsnaz Security International Ltd. furthermore offer wireless CCTV transmission kits like the one above. The solution provides a phono or coaxial BnC input, which can accept analogue video signals from cameras, video recorders, DVR and complete existing CCTV Systems. Turn your cameras into a completely wireless remote monitoring enabled security solution in London, The UK, Worldwide.

Note: New-Start Businesses trading for less than three years as well as private customers currently do not pass 90% of all lease applications. Unfortunately we do not have any influence on these processes and regret to keep the lease option for 3+ Years established businesses. Thank you for your understanding!

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Television surveillance system is designed for visual observation and recording (burning) of current events and for future viewing images of protected areas and technological object. Modern video surveillance system should provide: Hour control of the operational situation in the areas of surveillance; recording images from cameras installed; display and visual fixation of the situation in the "alarming" zone surveillance when receiving alarm signals from alarm systems; automatic output to "alarming monitors, operators of images related to the alarming situation has arisen, the detection mode of activity (movement) in the zone of video cameras; the ability to output images from multiple cameras on screens in multi screen mode; the ability to output images from a given camera to the monitor screen in full screen mode; You can save backup on external media, view and transfer of archive images using standard computer technology.

As the television cameras can be used camera color or black and white set as the brackets, and on the rotators.STVN should have redundant power supplies to ensure it is working for 0.5 more hours.

Button Alarm (CBS) - equipment for hour emergency communication on unauthorized actions on the object on the remote centralized security.

Shops, banks, insurance and other facilities associated with the turnover of funds are equipped with alarm clock. The source of such systems are stationary and / or executed in the form of trinkets panic button. Fixed a panic button is usually installed secretly, while they should be available to permanent staff of the field. This type of signaling is practically impossible to disable. In case of danger or potential actions of malefactors officer quietly presses alarm (CCC) and signal an alarm goes to a central console, where it receives duty. The role of the duty - to convey information about the attack the nearest available patrol.

GSM-alarm system - the youngest and most promising type of alarm, that uses GSM-network as a communication channel between the protected and central monitoring stations.As an additional channel of communication is often used a telephone line.

The advantages of GSM:

  • Rich functionality GSM-alarm;
  • Sending warning in automatic mode;
  • low cost data transmission equipment;
  • duplication of communication channels;
  • guards do not have telephone facilities.


  • Technically possible to jam the signal generator noise.
  • Possible instability in the cellular operators

Modern systems to address deficiencies apply:

  • backup channel;
  • automatic change of operator;
  • periodic survey of the facility;
  • remote antenna;

Conclusion: Security systems based on GSM advantageous to use both for personal purposes, and in complex centralized systems of protection and monitoring. It is very beneficial, and sometimes the only acceptable use of GSM signaling at sites where difficult to strip cable and telephone networks.

Protection of apartments, garages, cottages, this is an incomplete list, which can be used GSM-alarm system. Such security systems are ideal in the case of home use to monitor the arrival / departure of children, as well as to immediate notification of illegal entry.

The most widely used in security have an alarm system, which inform the owners and / or law enforcement services of unauthorized attempts to penetrate a protected premise.

Availability of safety equipment can equip alarm any objects of protection: businesses, offices, banks, houses, apartments, villas, etc. For information about the unauthorized infiltration uses all sensors - infrared and radio wave motion sensors, magnetic sensors to open doors and windows, glass break sensors, shock sensors and control panel (SCP), which reduces all the information about the events.

Equip alarm facility or an apartment - it is only half the battle, the greatest effect on the alarm is achieved when you connect it to the central monitoring stations . When used for transmission of alarm messages GSM-Alarm Alarm messages can be sent to cell phones owners of the protected object.

In large facilities, but office centers advisable to install computer security systems, which displays on-screen graphical plan of the protected object and the status of each room. Security alarm system integrated with a television monitor placed a security object to a higher level.

Fire alarms

The market presented a wide range of modern fire alarm systems and fire alarm - from simple to complex self-contained computer. The main purpose of these systems - is the source of fire detection and notification service personnel of fire. The basic structure fire alarms: fire sensors (detectors), receiving-control unit (PCU) and warning system. In view of the most characteristic features of ignition detectors (sensors) are: smoke, heat, optical, gas.

Some facilities are only required to install automatic fire extinguishing systems (AST). Purpose of ACT fire safety systems is to provide emergency fire suppression without the participation of staff. Depending on the method of quenching distinguished: water, gas and powder automatic fire extinguishing. Usually, gas fire suppression system designed for installation in rooms with expensive computers and equipment, powder in the sales area, extinguishing - the warehouses and parking lots.

Increased requirements for fire safety from the Spetsnaz Security International Ltd. (Fire Department), a huge choice of means of fire alarm and fire suppression poses a difficult choice in front of the customer organization carries out coordination, design, installation and maintenance of fire safety systems. It should also be noted that the use of integrated security systems leads to lower costs and ease management of the overall security of the object.

We should not forget that the final analysis the choice of fire alarm systems is carried out based on customer requirements, which are governed by rules of fire safety of the United Kingdom and other normative documents:

  • Fire safety regulations of the United Kingdom
  • List of buildings, structures, premises and equipment to be protected with automatic fire extinguishing and automatic fire alarm.
  • Warning systems and evacuation management of people in fires in buildings and structures.

With these and other documents can be found in the section - Security: articles and advice.

The system of access control systems (ACS) - a set of equipment, which restricts the access of undesirable persons on a certain object, but also collecting and recording the movement of persons on the premises, buildings and on the territory of the protected object.

The system access control must ensure:

  • Access through the points of passage individuals.
  • Managing executive barring devices (gates, turnstiles, doors, etc.).
  • Admission-controlled points of passage through the analysis readable, with a special device code identification device cards, depending on the permitted level of tolerance, the date and time of passage, and other factors.
  • Remote control of devices from a remote operator station.
  • Issuance of appropriate alarms on ARM when a failure is detected elements of the system, unauthorized entry through the points of passage; not closed after the authorized entry doors, bringing "lost" ID.
  • Recording protocol actions of the operator to manage the system.
  • Unlocking the doors with separate fire alarm according to plan evacuations.


The main task of the perimeter - is to identify unauthorized attempts to penetrate the territory of the facility by climbing over or destroying the main fence perimeter. There are an organization of physical security and electronic security equipment, consisting of sensitive elements, block processing of electrical signals and means of collecting information display for the detection and localization of attempts to penetrate into the territory.

Nowadays, perimeter security - an important part in the security system of factories, businesses and warehouses. There are objects that are subject to perimeter protection mandatory, it is bonded warehouses, nuclear power plants, oil economy, the objects of power structures, etc.

The most effective perimeter security - a complex of arrangements for physical security, video surveillance and tracking device on the integrity of the perimeter fence. Organizing the protection of the perimeter, it should also be taken into account and the authorized place of accommodation and are fitted guard posts, gates access control systems.



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Our London UK Business Security, CCTV camera installation London Consultants and advisors are fully prepared to fulfill your needs with our one-of-a-kind top business security solutions. If you are seeking any type of business security systems, London UK CCTV Rental, London UK CCTV Repair, Security London is the top ten security companies and private security companies to turn to: we are armed protective services: one of the top ten security companies in existence today..SPETSNAZ SECURITY INTERNATIONAL FIDEL MATOLA LIMITED are experts in the field of personal and private protection as well as VIP protection, International protection and Fire safety protection. We offer Executive Protection and security bodyguards, security jobs in the entire London UK with our local office and personnel to guide you for safety.

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We are committed to leadership in our industry by focusing on new and emerging solutions to ensure we can deliver complete, sophisticated, end-to-end security solutions for a spectrum of corporate information technology needs.


We are committed to your safety and trust.





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For Hiring Armed/Unarmed Executive VIP Protection Security Professional Bodyguards, Close Protection And Private Chauffeur Services in London, United Kingdom We have our London Special Armed Forces from Professional Armed Forces working in London, United Kingdom 24/7. We are an International Security Company you can trust in a new country Licensed & boned London, United Kingdom private security guards, armed bodyguards to meet corporate & private security needs. Bad security service could be loss of your money Protection Security offers expert armed and unarmed Executive/Personal Protection Agents, Personal Bodyguards, and Transportation/Security Escort Services throughout the London, United Kingdom are. , Whether you require one officer or a team of officers, we provide personal security for VIPs, celebrities, executives, and other at-risk individuals needing specialized protective services. Our objective is to keep you safe without compromising your privacy. Our officers are specially trained to identify and analyze any threats or issues that may arise, thereby preventing them from escalating. . UK ARMED CLOSE PROTECTION BODYGUARD SERVICES FOR VIP, DIPLOMATS, PREMIERS, PRESIDENTS, LEADERS, GOVERNMENTS provides responsive and reliable security services to many diversified industries. Whether permanent or temporary, we provide on-call guard services 24/7 for emergencies, shift coverage, construction, and more. In addition, UK ARMED CLOSE PROTECTION SERVICES FOR VIP ’s security experts will conduct a risk assessment which will be utilized to customize each individual client’s security needs.